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About Us

Skilled Trades Prep is a Canadian Registered Company and the only one that provides a unique accelerated service designed to support internationally skilled tradespeople in collaboration with Skilled Trades Ontario. This far, we helped thousands of skilled tradespeople to obtain their license from Canada. Our company is the only one that offers this service to people with lower level of English but posses the trades experience gained outside of Canada and hours of experience.

The Focus

Our service aim on assisting immigrants living in Canada and internationally trained tradespeople to successfully complete their Trades Equivalency Assessment (TEA) application to obtain trades license in Canada.

The Problem

Canada is currently facing a significant shortage of skilled trades workers across various industries. According to Statistics Canada, there are approximately 500,000 job vacancies in the skilled trades sector, with this number expected to rise in the coming years. This shortage is primarily attributed to several factors:

  • Aging Workforce
  • Increasing Demand
  • Changing Perceptions

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Understanding the Problem

  • Barriers Faced by Internationally-Trained Tradespeople: Internationally-trained tradespeople face several barriers when attempting to obtain certification in and from Canada, adding to the challenges posed by the shortage of skilled workers:
  • Certification Processes
  • Language and Cultural Differences
  • Lack of Recognition
  • Credentialing Requirements

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Skilled Trades Prep (STP) plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges faced by internationally-trained tradespeople seeking certification in Canada.

We serve as a bridge between these individuals and the Canadian certification system, providing comprehensive support throughout the process:

  • STP's Role
  • Guidance and Support
  • Advocacy
  • Collaboration with Skilled Trades Ontario

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Program Designed for Experienced Workers to:

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Accelerate the certification process to complete their Trades Equivalency Assessment (TEA) Application.

Increase access to information, orientation, and support for internationally trained tradespeople.

Improve trade certification outcomes, and achieve success by guiding them through the exam preparation process. 

Why Choose STP

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Accelerated Certification


While the traditional process may take years to navigate, STP streamlines the journey, often completing it within months.

Here's how:

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Our Services

Prepare the Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA) application​

Providing comprehensive materials and handouts for study purposes.

Guidance through the licensing process; assist to schedule their trade exams.

Who Should Work with STP

breakdown of the target audience and eligibility criteria for STP's services:

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Requisite Hours

of Experience

Tradespeople Desire

for Certification

in Ontario, Canada

Types of designated trades that you

In Ontario, there are 144 designated skilled trades to choose from in key industries.

Skilled Trades Prep, are here to help you get a Certificate of Qualification in the trade you desire.



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Other Trades

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Upcoming Events

Skilled Trades Prep events feature interactive workshops, networking sessions, and success stories showcasing the transformative impact of the initiative on individual careers and livelihoods.

This event offers tailored support to streamline the certification process, aiming to reduce time and barriers for internationally trained trades people.

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Purpose of Event

We pave the way to provide recognition and certification for internationally skilled tradespeople who are interested in significantly reducing the time it takes for them to get certified and licensed from Canada.

Trade Equivalency Assessment offered by Skilled Trades Ontario and the exam offered by MLTSD (Ministry of Labour Immigration, Training and Skills Development)

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Why attend?

Trade Equivalency Assessment is the first step towards obtaining a certificate of qualifications for experienced workers even if they have not completed an apprenticeship but posses equivalent skills and experience from outside of Canada.

Events information

When: April 21, 2025

Until: April 25, 2025

City: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Elegant Public Services; firm that is dedicated to providing all the services you need to succeed in Canada.

Elegant will play a key role to ensure people with lower level of English and others who are interested in elevating their careers in skilled trades to learn more about this event and attend.

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